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Dr M Obilanade

Dr Sanjay Ahlawat

Practice Nurse:

Well Woman Clinic, Cytology, Chronic

Disease Management, New Patient

Medicals, Ear Syringing, Dressings, Travel


Chronic disease management

Ann Morgan Nurse Practitioner

Well Woman Clinic, Cytology, Chronic Disease Management including COPD and Asthma, Minor Illness, New patient Medicals, Ear Syringing, Dressing, Travel Vaccinations.

Sophie Way Healthcare Assistant

Blood Pressure Checks, B12 Injections, Blood Tests, ECG, New Patient Medicals

Administration Team:

Practice Manager:

Samantha Ashford

Customer Care Receptionists

Jusna Begum, Sam Ashford, Kath

Margetts, Christian Phillips,

Kamlesh Bose, Jasmine Law and

Sophie Way.

Health Visitors: Tredegar Street Clinic Base for Health Visitors Immunisations, advice and Child Health Reviews
Palmyra Place, Newport NP20 4EJ

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